Demographics 2018

Meeting Attendance

Total meeting attendance was 1176 participants in 2018 This represents 164 people

Attendance was up in 2018, but there were more people and more "regulars". We averaged 23 people per week.

There were 533 topics discussed in 28 categories

Participants by Times Attended

A significant number of people only attended one meeting (77), but most of our participants are "regulars".

Participants by Residence

About half the participants (consumers and others) come from Phoenix, but people come from all over the Phoenix area.

Participation of Diagnosed and others by Sex

The majority of the people attending were male over the year. Participants were largely Diagnosed.

Participants by Age Group

Consumers participating in our support group were evenly distributed by age

Participants by Years Diagnosed

Participants come from a wide level of experience with the disorder. A significant number of people attend the meeting soon after diagnosis and/or release from the hospital. Most participants, however, have been dealing with the disorder for a longer period of time and have significant experiences and information about Depression and the BiPolar Disorder.

Consumers by Educational Achievement

Education levels varied by participant. I included years of education in degree expected categories

Consumers by Ethnic backrgound

Ethnic categories were overwhelmingly "white"

Consumers by Health Insurance

A large percentage of Participants had private insurance

Consumers who are Seriously Mentally Ill

Most of our Participants were not enrolled in the RBHA.

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