Guidelines for the BiPolar Bears of Phoenix

  1. The BiPolar Bears of Phoenix (DBSA) is a Support and Information group for consumers experiencing BiPolar Disorder. Consumers experiencing Chronic Depression are also welcome to attend.

  2. "Supportive Others are also welcome to attend and participate, as long as they do not detract from service to consumers. Referrals to AAMI and other support groups for families are frequently made.

  3. "Non-related individuals" are permitted to attend with the consent of the consumers, and may contribute, but must not overwhelm consumers by verbal or non-verbal comments.

  4. "Mental Health Professionals" must receive a consensus of other members in attendance to stay.

  5. No more than two students may attend any meeting, and are limited to a single visit. Prior authorization through MHA at (480) 994-4407 is strongly advised.

  6. We believe that BiPolar Disorder is primarily a medical problem due to brain chemistry (and frequently has a genetic predisposition).

  7. We are proud of our location in Central Phoenix, both to serve consumers in the local area, and to be accessible from all locations in the Metro area.

  8. We encourage referrals to our group, and are very sensitive to consumers with newly diagnosed mood disorders.

  9. We are gratified by the depth and experience shared by regular members of our group.

  10. There are no dues requirements for this support group.

  11. The group sees its primary goal as an issues, discussion and support group.

  12. Guest speakers, social events, and extended activities may be scheduled, as appropriate.

  13. Individuals who are disruptive to the group will be handed by the group leader.

  14. Crosstalk is very disruptive to others in the group, and will be addressed by the group leader.

  15. We encourage all members to attend other groups to discover which group(s) is best for them. We accept that this concept may result in irregular attendance each week.

  16. Consumers with professional backgrounds with current or previous high functional abilities are encouraged to attend.

  17. Membership is defined as consumers who have attended 2 meetings in the past 2 or 4 meetings in the last 8.

  18. Identifiable individual issues and the identity of members is strictly confidential. Note our Privacy Policy.

  19. Demographic information is collected for MHA, United Way and similar purposes. Individual characteristics such as name are not distributed (except in aggergate).

  20. Upon consent of each individual, support group contacts may be distributed to the group periodically, and may contain basic contact information. Further distribution of these names is strictly prohibited.

The BiPolar Bears is affiliated with Mental Health of America of Arizona (MHA), a United Way Primary Partner Agency, and the Depression and BiPolar Support Alliance (DBSA).