BiPolar Bears

Phoenix, Arizona

(480) 838-3749

The BiPolar Bears is an issues-oriented support group which meets weekly to discuss Serious Depression and BiPolar topics of common concern.

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Mission Statement

  1. Assist consumers in finding support, information, understanding, and social contact with similar consumers facing similar issues
  2. Assist consumers (especially those newly diagnosed) with a basic understanding of the disorder and to provide security in knowing others have similar concerns.
  3. Provide an onging source of information regarding government entitlements, services, referrals, medical issues, medication trials, and other information.
  4. Although the primary focus is in providing support for consumers-- parents, siblings and Significant Others (SO) may benefit in understanding family reactions to the disorder
  5. Be a group where new consumers and their families can be referred by the mental health and other communities, preferably soon after the diagnosis has been made.

Meeting Basics

BiPolar Bears of Phoenix
Meets EVERY Wednesday
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
St. Luke's Hospital
Behavioral Health Auditorium
1800 E. VanBuren
Phoenix, Arizona

Basic Participation 2014

Participants 847
Number of Meetings 53
sheets 53 Meetings (100%)
Average Meeting Size 16

Meeting Location

"St. Luke's Hospital Grounds"

Park at 515 N 18th Street

St. Luke's Hospital
Order of Business
Order of Business
Meeting Guidelines
Bears Guidelines

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Meeting Topics 2018 Annual Meeting Topics 2017

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Privacy Policy


The BiPolar Bears support group and other peer support groups are sponsored by the Mental Health Guild, an all volunteer not-for-profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to collaborate and support programs to improve the lives of individuals impacted by mental illness.

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